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Eastside Kia - COVID-19 Customer Care Plan Learn More

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Alex was great, asked about what I wanted in a vehicle and showed me what East Side Kia has in stock. I bought my last car from here and would keep Coming back. Amazing customer service, no pushy rushed attitudes Very professional respectful environment. I’ve never regretted any purchase from east side Kia.

Riley Coombs

a week ago

Great bunch of people working to get you approved and going the extra mile. Also I never been pressured , they let you think about the offer before making a decision I recommend Eastside Kia to anyone.

Etienne Michaud

a week ago

I had the most amazing experience with the dealership! Moises found me the vehicle of my dreams more efficiently than I have ever seen! He was patient, attentive, and a great communicator. I would highly recommend this sales rep due to the level of professionalism and trust that was established during my purchase.

Yasmin Niroumand

a month ago

Last week, we took over our new car, the 2019 Forte EX Premium, and we couldn't be happier. We got a lot of information and had help from Sales consultant, Sam Racko and Finance manager, Charles Enns. I highly recommend both. In terms of customer service and professionalism, we were treated by the best. We're first car buyers in Calgary, Canada. In the process of searching for information before buying a car, I noticed that dealerships in Canada are very different from our home country. That means a lot of pressure, hidden costs, and a suddenly changed attitude (in a bad way) after signing a contract, etc. So, on the day I signed a car purchase contract with Eastside Kia, my husband and I were scared and stressed. And we were going to visit not just Eastside Kia, but also two other Makers of car for test-drive, and getting quotes. East Side Kia was the first dealership we've ever visited. We read on Reddit that some sales associates ignored their guests, however, when we entered the dealership, our salesperson, Sam, welcomed us warmly. Then Sam was extremely helpful with going through the benefits of buying Kia Forte which was a really good fit for both our needs and budget. He was super friendly, knowledgeable, very patient and totally answered our questions. He melted our feared hearts. So we cancelled our plan to go to another Maker dealership and just settled down at East Side Kia. Charles, the finance manager, also did outstanding and attentive service throughout, from talking about vehicle purchase options to getting the financial stuff worked out. Even he explained in detail all the different insurance-related options, but never put any pressure on us. I think the ability and quality of a worker depend on how they cope with an unexpected problem. Not all of our car purchase was smooth. The delivery of our car was delayed than expected; usually, they have cars customer want, but the car we wanted is the second highest trim with a rare colour which was not even in Alberta at that time. Charles contacted us first with the unwelcomed news and offered us a solution; I read so many cases that nobody contact or update information to customers when problems happen, so usually customers have to call salesperson or dealership many times to get the answers. To tell the truth, if there weren't Charles's help, we'd cancel the car contract when the delivery was delayed. And the thing that moved us the most was that Sam's attitude. The day we signed the contract, he told us that the car might arrive on Saturday, the day he was off, but he would willingly come to the shop and hand over the vehicle to us. Also the actual day we took over our new car with only 14 km run, he told us he checked everything by himself, even washed the car for a perfect condition. I was so glad and grateful to hear about that because I knew that many salespersons are interested in only selling a car and making money, so they make no further effort after a contract; however, Sam seems to care about our satisfaction truly.

Gaion Jang

a year ago

I was looking to trade in my Kia Rio but I did not wanted to let it go for nothing. I got an amazing deal for my car and bought a new truck in the used department at East Side Kia. Go and check it out for your self I am not getting pay to say all this but I am so grateful and happy with the outcome and what Louie and Santos did for me. I even got a couple free oil changes, full tank of gas and a mazing interest rate. They did not have what I was looking for but they shop around and bought it for me. Go and ask for Louie or Santos they will work hard so you get the best deal and they have an amazing team thanks to Anna as well. I am not lying look at my ride. GOOD JOB Louie, Santos and Anna.

Darwin Euceda

a year ago

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