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Rebuilding Your Credit

The Financing team at Eastside Kia knows how stressful it can be if you don't have great credit. With lower than average credit means you may have a tough time getting financing for a vehicle. The highly skilled team in the financing department is prepared to help you navigate this situation and get you into a new-to-you vehicle.

If you find yourself looking at daunting options for your financing such as too high of an interest rate and a not ideal lending term, there are some things you can do to help. You have the power to improve your credit score.

With improving your credit score you are bettering your chances of getting a more ideal loan. You can improve your score by getting a credit card if you don't already have one. If you already have one, make sure it isn't at its limit.

Ensure that you are paying your bills like cellphones on time. You can also put money away into a saving or RRSP fund so that you have some equity to lend against to make the lenders feel better.

Come into Eastside Kia if you are tired of worrying about getting approved. The team has years of experience with working with sub prime financing options and can help you get the best possible loan for your new vehicle.

Eastside Kia Finance

Once you've found the right new or used Kia for you, it's time to start thinking about the purchasing process. At Eastside Kia, we believe that the fun of finding the right car doesn't have to be diminished by tedious financing paperwork. You can finance a Kia with us or let us help you find the best car finance options in Calgary.

The key to getting good financing is in knowing what you can afford and finding the best offer for your Kia finance needs. Low interest rates are what we aim for when helping our customers get into an Eastside Kia new or used car.

Our easy online application is a safe and secure way to find out what your best car finance Calgary deal will be. Once you have that completed, Eastside Kia can help you find out your monthly payments on any vehicle on our lot with our easy Kia finance calculator.

Our goal at Eastside Kia is to make the car purchasing process as smooth and easy as possible without interfering in the fun of searching for and selecting the perfect car for you. With our large inventory, helpful sales staff, and easy finance options, we can help you today.

Get started with an online finance application today and be in a new Kia before you know it!