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Eastside Kia Fleet Program and Eligibility

Calgary Kia Fleet Programs and Eligibility Options

Eastside Kia's Fleet department is committed to
servicing all of your commercial vehicles general Manager
needs. In today's environment, we understand that both time and money are among some of the most valuable assets within your organization. At Eastside Kia we are proud to have Southern Alberta's largest selection of inventory, and I promise to deliver the most personalized, accurate and prompt attention in order to meet and exceed your business' demands.

As a business consumer, your company and employees are eligible to receive substantial rebates off of your next vehicle purchase(s) only here, at Eastside Kia. Please contact
Calvin Walz at 403-669-9124 to confirm your eligibility
and to schedule a complimentary fleet assessment for your business!

Are you Eligible

Please call 403-669-9124 or click the link below to find out if your company is eligible for a fleet discount?

Only here at Eastside Kia do we offer Fleet Discounting to businesses of all sizes and in every industry! Whether you own or operate a small independently owned business or work with a large scale corporation,  the infrastructure is in place to manage your demands in any volume. To get started, all that you require is a valid business address and GST number!

Save Money!

The amount of money your business can save on a new vehicle purchase when dealing with our Fleet Manager is substantial. Calvin Walz negotiates with the manufacturer on your behalf to save you time and to ensure that you receive the largest fleet rebates possible.

Apply for a Fleet Account Number (FAN)

Let us do the hard work for you and get the rebates that you deserve! In order to receive Fleet discounts, your business must have an authorized Fleet Account Number (FAN). Fill out the quick application to the right to receive your FAN with zero obligations.

Complimentary Fleet Assessment

Leave it to the pros! Here at Eastside Kia we deal with hundreds of companies on a regular basis and want to get to know your business. Schedule a meeting with Calvin Walz so he can provide you with a complimentary fleet evaluation to assist in aligning your business' needs with the right product, at the right time.
Employee Affiliates Purchase Plan

You and your team members work hard to maintain and grow your business. Here at Eastside Kia, we respect the efforts and dedication that your employees invest in your business. For all businesses registered with Eastside Kia, we would like to extend the Fleet Affiliates Purchase Plan to all eligible employees and family members of your business.

Our Affiliates Purchase Plan offers your employees a no-hassle, no-negotiation required experience. Combined with extremely competitive rates and residuals, your employees can feel confident when purchasing their new vehicle directly from our Fleet department.

Register your Business


Employee Purchase


Inventory Selection

How does this benefit your business? Eastside Kia carries an extremely large selection of inventory with over 100s of new vehicles in stock. By carrying vehicles in large quantities, we are able to meet your time-sensitive requests so that your organization has as little downtime as possible.

Calvin Walz (Fleet Manager)