Open Sundays Online

Open Sundays Online

Out of Town Buyers

Buying a vehicle is the second largest purchase most Canadians will make in their life. Finding the perfect vehicle is never out of reach and here at Eastside Kia we are making it even easier.


If you're an out-of-town vehicle shopper, Eastside Kia recognizes that you may have unique circumstances and needs regarding your purchase.

We aim to have a seamless car-buying experience no matter where you live, so you can get on the road with your new vehicle as soon as possible.

Start by browsing our inventory to find your perfect NEW or USED vehicle, then CONTACT US and we can answer all your questions so you can get you pre-Approved.

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Delivery and Pickup

We offer multiple shipping options and keep our clients informed along the way. Clients will be able to reference photo and video documentation to ensure their vehicle arrived in the same condition that it left the dealership.

For pickup, out of towners may also be flown to our dealership to pick up their vehicle if they'd like to drive it back themselves. Contact us if you're interested in one of our vehicles and this is an option for you.