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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Do I need to have an Alberta driver's license to get auto insurance?

No you don't. A valid license from another province or country and/or international license is sufficient. Even a learner's license, or Class 7, is eligible for insurance coverage but does include some restrictions. If you have any more questions, a broker can give you additional information regarding your licensing.

Why do I need full coverage on my vehicle?

Full coverage is always a good idea. The newer the vehicle, the more expensive it is to fix. Unless you're driving an older vehicle that does not have much value, you want to carry full coverage. This ensures your vehicle will be repaired whether it was your fault or not.

Explanation of insurance jargon:

    • Liability: Liability coverage protects the policyholder and pays up the policy limit, for the driver and any passengers insure in the insured vehicle, as well as injuries and property damage to other vehicles or passengers directly involved.
    • Collision: Collision coverage repairs your vehicle in the case of an at fault claim. If you back up into a pole, or if you're involved in a single car accident without collision coverage, you will be paying for any repairs out of pocket.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage is the no-fault coverage and applies to risks that are deemed out of control, or an "act of god." This coverage includes hail or wind damage, theft of the vehicle, vandalism collision with an animal, etc.


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What are my insurance payment options?

The payment options will vary depending on the insurance carrier. There are options for credit cards as well as monthly automatic withdrawal. This can easily be arranged with a copy of your "void" check or direct-debit form, on the monthly withdrawal date of your choice.

Can my partner or friends drive my car?

Yes, only with your permission, but remember that lending your vehicle also means you're lending your vehicle's insurance coverage. Any accidents or claims that occur during this time will be on your insurance history and may negatively affect your future rates.

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