Open Sundays Online

Open Sundays Online

Fort McMurray Donations

Special thank you to Ocean Trailer for donating the trailer, Nugen Transport for donating the truck, and John Westland, the driver, volunteering his time to bring it to fort McMurray for us.


This is what has been requested please call ahead if what you are bringing is not on this list:

air mattresses, mustard, relish, Playpens/Crib, ANY Medicines, noodles, Wipes, band aids, Sippy Cups, batteries, paper towel, Bibs, bedding, pillows, Baby wash cloths, benadryl, potatoes, Empty clean containers for laundry soap, blankets, q-tips, reactine, tea, salad dressings, instant and normal cofee, brushes, salt and pepper, instant hot chocolate, bug spray, soothers, rice, soups (canned), soy sauce, canned mushrooms, spagetti, pastas, sugar, Jam, sun screen, pancake syrup, peanut butter, cheez whiz, toilet paper, cereal, tomato sauce, Soy Milk Powder, dish soap, Household disifectant wipes, towels, Linens, face cloths, flour, Blankets, garbage bags, Quilts, gatorade, Lysol Wipes, Laundry Soap, juices (tetra pack), Fabric Softener, ketchup, kraft dinner, Dish Soap, Large Conditioner, All purpose cleaner, Large Shampoo, paper towel, ziplocs large, paper plates, cups, cutlery mouth wash, coffee makers, Toiletries, Kleenex, nail clippers, Men's and lady's shave creme, tweezers, Men's razors, wash cloths, Men's deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner/body Wash, New men's & lady's underwear, Bug spray, General non-perishables.



  1. If you need a place to stay, or are looking to take in some evacuees, check out these Facebook groups:Fort McMurray Evacuee Open Source Help Page, Fort Mcmurray evac relocation help group.
  2. Airbnb has waived all service fees for those affected by the fire, and there are already over 140 places listed on the site for free.
  3. Those able to house displaced people can also sign up at


  1. The Calgary Humane Society is taking donations, you can give here: Fundraiser in Support of Fort McMurray.
  2. The Edmonton Humane Society is also taking donations, you can give here: Fort McMurray Wildfire Donation form.
  3. Those looking to house people's pets, help unify lost pets with owners, and generally assist with animal rescue should check out this page: Fort McMurray Fire Emergency Animal Assistance