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Why Summer Tires are Better Than All-Season Tires


Why Summer Tires are Better Than All-Season Tires

Many drivers believe they need to replace summer tires with all-season tires as soon as the seasons change. This may or may not be true because in many situations and driving conditions, summer tires actually perform better than all-season tires. When you purchase new tires, we at Eastside Kia want you to make the purchase based on fact and because it’s what you need. Our trained staff can steer you in the right direction.

Summer tires provide excellent traction whether the road is dry, wet, hot or even when driving in heavy rain. In fact, they perform much better in rain and heat than all-season tires. Summer tires are made with a mixture of rubber and fillers, which results in durable tires that hold up well in all weather.

If you’re contemplating buying new tires, but are uncertain as to what to buy, pay us a visit in Calgary or call for an appointment.



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