Why Don’t Car Drivers Get Motion Sickness?

Why Don’t Car Drivers Get Motion Sickness?

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Motion sickness can strike anyone at any time. However, there appears to be a pattern that indicates that drivers are immune to the condition. While the indications may point in that direction, some drivers do experience motion sickness to some degree. The condition called “motion sickness” is the development of an inner ear problem where balance is affected by motion. The imbalance exposes itself through the stomach. A queasy feeling is an indication of motion sickness, though it is often attributed to gas or indigestion.

Drivers utilize their full motor control while driving through Calgary, AB or on the highway. The use of the eyes to focus attention inhibits the exhibition of motion sickness as the mind is completely engaged in its principal duty of self-defense.

A short drive to visit us at Eastside Kia will generally not cause any motion sickness as you are in familiar territory and in control.

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