What Does an Alternator Do?

What Does an Alternator Do?

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The job of the alternator is very important under the hood of your vehicle. Without the alternator, you would not be able to enjoy many of the luxuries you have in your car today.

Many people think that the car battery is responsible for powering up all the devices in your vehicle, but with more features than ever, that battery would be drained in days if it had to handle the entire load. Once the car is running, the alternator has the responsibility of keeping all those systems in check.

Not only is the alternator going to ensure the exterior and interior lights are all performing as they were designed, here are a few other things the alternator powers. Without the alternator, you would have no car alarm, on-board computer, heater, phone chargers, defrosters, or dash gauges either.

Your vehicle will only run effectively if you are stopping by Eastside Kia and allowing the service technicians to maintain the moving parts regularly.



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