Tips for Using Small Spare Tires

Tips for Using Small Spare Tires

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Today, many automakers install compact spare tires in their late model vehicles. The small size and lower weight help save space and reduce overall weight. The small spare is different from a full-sized tire; the compact tire is safe to use at low speeds and over a limited distance.

Calgary-area drivers know that the small tire affects steering, gas mileage, and braking. They must use extra care and get a repair or replacement for the flat tire as soon as possible. The compact is only temporary; manufacturers intend them as a way to get home or to a nearby repair facility.

At Eastside Kia, we want every driver to ride on full-sized tires that are in good condition. We offer a wide selection of quality tires that meet the manufacturer's requirements. Call us if you need to repair or replace one or more tires. Please call or drop by today.



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