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Reasons to Buy Used Kia from a Dealership

Reasons to Buy Used Kia from a Dealership

Shopping for a vehicle often makes drivers toggle back and forth between a range of emotions, most often excitement and dread. The options can feel overwhelming. The price seems out of reach. No car feels quite right.


One way that buyers can take control of the car buying experience is by buying a used car instead of a brand-new one. Used vehicles offer significant cost savings over brand-new vehicles. This allows buyers to get more car and more features at a lower price point.


Used Kia vehicles often offer a great value to buyers. Dealerships such as Eastside Kia keep a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles that are in great condition and come well equipped with a range of features.


Why Buyers Should Shop at a Dealership



For used car buyers, shopping at a Kia dealer in Calgary offers many benefits over buying a used vehicle from a private party. First, they offer more choice. Eastside Kia is a Kia dealership, but it offers used vehicles from many different manufacturers. At dealerships, buyers can expand their options in a way that is not available when buying from a private party.


Buying a Used Kia in Calgary


Brand-new Kia vehicles are great, but they are often out of the price range of buyers. By buying a used Kia in Calgary, buyers can expand their options. While a higher trim level was out of reach in a brand-new vehicle, the same vehicle that is a few years old and has a few thousand kilometres on it is suddenly within budget. By shopping at a dealership, a buyer can easily see the new model and used model side by side to make a quick comparison.


In addition to offering variety, dealerships also offer many other benefits to buyers looking for used Kia vehicles in Calgary. These include things such as service agreements, extended warranties, and vehicle financing.





Automobile manufacturers do not always allow warranties to be transferred to a new owner. But with used Kia vehicles, the warranties are often transferable, meaning that a vehicle within the mileage and duration limits will maintain its factory warranty. This is a great value for buyers. However, even if the used vehicle does not come with the original warranty, dealerships offer extended warranties to provide an additional level of protection to buyers.


Financing at a Dealership


Vehicle financing is also a benefit of buying from a dealership. Dealerships often have longstanding relationships with financial institutions, allowing them to get the best rates and terms on automobile loans. Buyers might find it cumbersome to acquire their own financing, but this is not an issue when shopping at a dealership.


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles



Kia offers a certified pre-owned vehicle program that conducts exhaustive testing and servicing to guarantee the reliability and dependability of used Kia vehicles offered for sale in Calgary and across Canada. After completing a history report, 135-point inspection, and more, these certified vehicles provide extended warranty coverage to buyers.


Buyers looking for a used Kia in Calgary have many options but buying from a dealership such as Eastside Kia will offer the most benefits in terms of value, vehicle selection, financing, and more.

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