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Pick What Will Get You Unstuck


Pick What Will Get You Unstuck

Sand, litter, and salt all have their pros and cons. Sand is a good choice to use to give you traction when you get stuck, but it can be hard to get your hands on. Salt is a great choice, but it will not melt ice at temperatures below 12 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also corrode your car or the pavement, so if you use it, you need to get your car washed -- particularly the underside of your car.

Litter -- yes cat litter -- will work as well, and you can find it in every grocery store, but it can get messy once it gets wet. Be sure to use non-clumping so it works better for getting you unstuck.

Be sure to visit us here at Eastside Kia so we can get your vehicle ready for winter. We will check your battery to make sure that it'll start your car. We'll check all your fluids, too.

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