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Kia's Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Kia's Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Kia has emerged as one of the frontrunners of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. Continuously at forefront of style, technology, and performance for over six decades, it has now transitioned into more sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting EV and hybrid vehicles that help the planet.


Kia offers several EV and hybrid vehicles available in Calgary, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles. This allows drivers to choose a vehicle and fuel that fits their lifestyle while reducing consumption of resources to ensure the planet's health far into the future. For drivers looking for a Kia EV or hybrid vehicle in Calgary, Eastside Kia is the dealership of choice.





Kia offers two fully electric and one plug-in hybrid vehicle in Canada. The Kia Niro PHEV offers the best of both worlds with both a gasoline engine and electric motor. Starting around $36,000, the Niro PHEV allows for environmentally conscious decisions while providing a backup gas engine for drivers who are not ready to go fully electric.


At low speeds, the Niro PHEV operates in EV mode and switches to using both the engine and electric motor simultaneously when more power is needed. With 1,543 litres of storage space with the rear seats folded down, the Niro is a good-sized vehicle and offers amazing estimated combined fuel economy of 2.2 L/100km.


Niro EV


Kia also offers the Niro in a fully electric model. The Niro EV starts around $45,000 and features a lithium-ion polymer battery that provides a 385km range for drivers looking to explore. It also includes regenerative braking, which recharges the battery every time the driver brakes.


Soul EV


Another EV offered by Kia in Calgary is the Kia Soul EV. Starting around $43,000, the Soul provides a 383km range when fully charged and includes a regenerative braking system. It also delivers 201 horsepower and 291 lb-ft of instant torque.


EV Benefits


A hybrid or electric vehicle offers several benefits over gasoline-powered vehicles. The first is that they offer improved fuel efficiency, saving drivers thousands of dollars in fuel costs every year. In addition, EVs require less maintenance (no oil changes!), saving money at the service centre as well.


In addition, EVs also come with federal and provincial incentives. Across Canada, EVs are eligible for up to $5,000 in federal incentives, and PHEVs are eligible for up to $2,500.


The availability of charging stations is always a concern to drivers, but across Canada, there are over 14,000 public charging ports available. An average of 70% of EV charging is done at home, but there are ample resources for drivers needing to charge while on the go.


Kia's EV Warranty


For drivers nervous about the new technology in EVs, Kia offers an astounding warranty program to assuage fears. All Kia electric vehicles are covered by a 5-year/100,00-km comprehensive warranty, 5-year/100,000-km limited powertrain warranty, 8-year/150,000-km limited EV components warranty, and 5-year/unlimited-km 24-hour roadside assistance warranty.


Kia is quickly becoming one of the top competitors in the EV space with vehicles that offer the same high-tech features, luxury quality, and dedication to safety found across the rest of its lineup.

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