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Kia EV Charging Issues and Solution In Calgary

Kia EV Charging Issues and Solution In Calgary

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Embracing electric vehicles (EVs) is a big step towards a sustainable future. Understanding and addressing charging issues becomes essential as more Calgarians transition to Kia EVs. This guide explores common Kia EV charging issues in Calgary and provides practical solutions, ensuring a seamless charging experience.


EV Battery Health Issues


A healthy battery forms the heart of your EV, ensuring you keep moving efficiently and smoothly. If you experience frequent battery issues, it might be a sign of poor battery health. Proper maintenance includes regular checks of all connections, keeping the battery's water level at the recommended level, and monitoring components that may affect performance. These steps and a good Kia battery service in Calgary can significantly enhance the lifespan of the EV battery.


Full Battery Drainage

Experiencing full battery drainage can be due to a defective diode, voltage issues, or exposure to extreme temperatures. Kia incorporates a battery power depletion warning indicator in its EVs as a proactive measure to alert you before complete battery drainage. If you see this warning, you can quickly locate and press the energy reset button.




Although keeping your EV’s battery charged is essential, overcharging can directly impact battery health and lifespan. Overcharging, or charging too frequently, can lead to poor battery health over time. Try to maintain regular charging habits and avoid leaving your Kia EV plugged in longer than necessary once it's fully charged.


EV Software Update

Keeping your Kia EV software up-to-date is crucial. Sometimes, not using the latest software update can have a minor impact on battery charging or performance. Regularly check for updates and download and install them as they become available.


Input Voltage Issue


If the input voltage is too high or too low, this could disrupt the charging process. Use a volt/amp meter to check the voltage in such cases, or consult your nearest Kia service centre for professional assistance.


Scheduled Charging


A set charging schedule can cause confusion as charging might not take place immediately. Make sure to check whether you've set a program on the smart app or in the car itself, which could be delaying the start of the charging process.


Engine Overheating


Extreme weather conditions may lead to your Kia EV overheating, which could affect the cooling system and battery. In such cases, park your car in shaded areas whenever possible and consult your nearest Kia centre to inspect any engine overheating issues.


Charging Tips to Maintain Battery Health


Maximizing the health and longevity of your Kia EV battery is integral to ensuring a smooth driving experience and reducing maintenance costs. Here are some more detailed tips for better Kia battery maintenance:


Avoid Full Depletion

Frequently depleting your battery to zero can strain it and reduce its lifespan. Just like how you wouldn't want your cell phone battery to die completely before charging it, it's best to plug in your EV when the battery gets low rather than waiting for it to be fully depleted.


Limit Quick Charging

While quick charging is convenient to top off your battery in a pinch, over-reliance on this method can wear out the battery more quickly. Fast charging generates more heat and stress on the battery than slower, Level 2 charging. Limit your quick charging to when you need it, and rely on regular charging for daily use.


Strategic Route Planning

Part of the EV lifestyle involves some strategic route planning. Consider your journey ahead of time and plan stops at charging stations along the way, particularly for longer trips. This approach not only reduces range anxiety but also helps you avoid the situation of running extremely low on battery power.


Avoid Overcharging


Keeping the battery charged between 20-80% can help extend its life. Consistently charging your battery to 100% can strain and degrade the battery over time, especially if the vehicle is left plugged in for long periods after reaching full charge.


Minimize Exposure to Extreme Weather

Extreme hot and cold temperatures can impact battery performance and life. During periods of severe weather, try to keep your Kia EV parked in a garage to protect it. If a garage is not available, use a battery thermal management system to maintain an optimal battery temperature.


Moderate Acceleration

Heavy acceleration not only reduces the driving range but also stresses the battery. Embrace moderate, smooth acceleration to preserve battery health and maintain optimal performance. This approach can also contribute to a more comfortable ride.


Reach Out to Eastside Kia


While these tips and solutions can help with many common charging issues, sometimes professional help is necessary. Eastside Kia, the top official Kia dealer in Calgary, is here to assist you. Not only do we offer the best service prices and deals on Kia service in Calgary, but we also provide 100% genuine Kia Batteries.

Take advantage of our expertise in dealing with Kia EV charging issues. Visit our Kia service centre in Calgary or contact us today to schedule an appointment. At Eastside Kia, we are committed to helping you keep your Kia EV at its best for your Calgary adventures! Don't let charging issues keep you off the road – we're here to help you optimize your Kia EV experience.

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