How to Determine if You Need New Tires

How to Determine if You Need New Tires

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tire pressure Your tires help you with braking, traction, stability, and handling, so it's important to ensure they stay in good condition. As a general rule, you should perform a visual inspection of your tires about every four weeks. If you observe any of the following warning signs, then it may be time for a new set of tires.

Damage to a tire's sidewall is a sign that your tires need to be replaced. Cracks, cuts, or grooves on the sidewall are indicators that a leak is beginning to develop in the sidewall. Have any cracks or cuts in your tires inspected promptly.

Another sign your tires need to be replaced is blistering or bulges. When the outer surface of the tire starts to wear, it will bulge or blister. As a result, these areas are weaker and more prone to a blow out, which is why it is necessary to have them replaced.



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