How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

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cigarette buds There are a few different things that can cause issues with odors in your vehicle. If your car is smelling of gas or rotten eggs, then it could be that you need to check the lines in your vehicle for leaks. These are dangerous problems that you can fix with professional help. However, many times it’s just that you spilled something in your vehicle. Since cars are very personal spaces, then you should frequently vacuum this space, as well as use upholstery attachments.

If you smoke or eat food in your car, you could be constantly contributing to the smell in your car. You can use baking soda and charcoal to help you eliminate these odors. If you want to mask the odor, then you can use an air freshener, but it’s best if you use a light freshener that won’t overpower the space.

You can test out fresheners or even get your car detailed when you visit Eastside Kia for more information.



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