Great Reasons Why an SUV Should be Your Next Car

Great Reasons Why an SUV Should be Your Next Car

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family photo If you and your family are shopping around for your next vehicle, our sales representatives at Eastside Kia can offer you plenty of good reasons why there should be an SUV in your future.

An SUV provides an efficient way to transport seven or more people at the same time, perfect for large families or sports teams. Today's SUVs are very mileage efficient, with most models offering 30 mpg on the highways. SUVs offer state of the art safety equipment, including anti-lock brakes, traction control and airbags, to make driving safer.

If any of your hobbies include towing everything from boats to horses, the SUV provides towing capabilities. For those who enjoy off-road exploring, you can't beat the SUV for excellent performance. This type of vehicle is also roomy enough to accommodate pets. Why not experience a test drive of one of our popular SUV models at our dealership today?



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