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Did Your Tire Pressure Sensor Light Up?


Did Your Tire Pressure Sensor Light Up?

When you start your car, you might hear an audible alert and see the tire pressure sensor light up on your dashboard. This sensor is designed to let you know that at least one tire has dropped below the manufacturer's minimum tire pressure requirement. One reason could be the natural loss of air. About 1.5 psi is lost per month naturally from most tires.

Another reason could be a change in the weather. A drop of 10 degrees causes 1 psi loss in your tires. A big weather change could cause a loss of several psi from tires.

Not sure of how to check your tire pressure? Come visit our service department at Eastside Kia in in Calgary to have your tire pressure checked. If the tire pressure is fine, we'll take a look to see why the sensor is illuminated.

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