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Why considering a reliable Kia service centre In Calgary Is Important?

Why considering a reliable Kia service centre In Calgary Is Important?

A car is usually the most expensive thing people buy in their lives, besides a house. Buying a car requires a considerable investment, but it’s not just for the initial purchase. If you ever need to make repairs on the vehicle, it’s crucial to be sure about the technicians’ certifications and to make sure they use only original car parts. Keep reading and find out about the advantages of having a reliable Kia service close to you in Calgary. 


Promotions and Discounts 

Kia offers some of the safest, most stylish, and most comfortable vehicles on the market. The carmaker also helps you cut maintenance and repair costs by offering service and other timely promotions. At a reliable Kia service centre, you’ll find the best prices and special discounts Kia Canada provides.


Experienced & Certified Kia Technicians 


Ensure that your Kia will have the best possible service by leaving it in the hands of officially certified Kia technicians. These technicians have focused training on Kia’s mechanisms and car parts, as they’re dedicated exclusively to Kia vehicles. 


Warranty Claim


Kia doesn’t leave you alone when your vehicle has problems. You can easily replace a part that is malfunctioning or has stopped working by claiming an original part. Kia vehicles have a five-year or 100,000 km warranty, covering most of the car.


Original Parts 

At a reliable Kia service centre, you can be sure that only Kia genuine parts will be used in your vehicle. Original parts not only ensure a high-quality standard but also make your life easier when it comes to repairing or replacing them. 


No Extra Fees


Don’t let unnecessary fees dim your sunny day. At a reliable Kia service centre in Calgary, you can forget about that extra $400-$800 fee for administration or documentation and just enjoy your driving in the seventh most livable city in the world,


140-Point Inspection

When you buy a pre-owned Kia at a reliable service centre, you can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises like parts breaking after a short period of use. All pre-owned vehicles go through a complete mechanical and visual inspection by our certified technicians.


Visit an Official Kia Service Centre in Calgary 


When it comes to your Kia, you should only use the best services available. Come to Eastside Kia, one of the best official dealers in Calgary, where you’ll find whatever you need for your vehicle. If you need new parts to replace or repair a malfunctioning one, Eastside Kia is ready to assist you, always delivering certified and high-quality service. 


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