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Car Service and Maintenance a Checklist for Winters

Car Service and Maintenance a Checklist for Winters

Regular servicing is one of the most important ways of keeping your car in good condition and extending its life. However, with harsh winters testing even the toughest vehicle, it's crucial to pay particular attention to servicing and maintenance before bad weather arrives. What should be on your list of jobs to tackle?



1) HVAC Service


If you're stuck in traffic because of heavy weather, you need to be able to rely on your car's heating to keep you warm and safe. You can check yourself that your vehicle's HVAC is working correctly, providing consistent warmth with no strange noises or unusual smells.


However, for older cars it's worth arranging a full HVAC service to ensure the system is in perfect working order and will last the distance until spring arrives.


2) Check Antifreeze Levels


A frozen radiator will cause devastating damage to your car, while a frozen windshield washer reservoir can leave you with dangerous visibility problems. Check that both contain enough liquid and are filled with the correct ratio of antifreeze.


3) Check Tires


Whether you're switching to winter tires or continuing with all-weather ones, check that their tread depth is at least the legal minimum and preferably more. Also inspect them carefully to make sure there are no worn patches or other signs of damage.


Next, check that the tire pressure is high enough, remembering that it will fall alongside drops in temperature. In treacherous weather, unpredictable handling from worn-out tires is the last thing a driver needs.


4) Wiper Blades


Windshield wipers need to work hard over the winter, so make sure they start the season in good condition. Check for splits or worn edges, and replace damaged ones to prevent visibility problems.


5) Pipes, Belts and Connections


Check under the hood for any split pipes, cracked connections, or frayed belts. Cold weather can make minor damage worse with surprising speed, so make sure everything looks in good shape before the temperature starts to fall.


6) Test the Battery


Winter's slow driving speeds, frequent stops in traffic, and cold-weather engine starts all put your car's battery under stress. Now's the time to test it, and fit a replacement if it's no longer supplying enough charge.


7) External Lights


Check that all your headlamps, taillights and blinkers are in full working order. In poor conditions it's essential that you can see clearly and that other road users can see you.


8) Check Brakes


Your brakes should start the winter in perfect condition, as when conditions make driving difficult, you need a dependable braking response to stay in full control.


9) Exhaust System


Lastly, your exhaust system should be tested for leaks. In winter, when your windows are closed and the heater is on, any fumes that leak into the cabin can build up to dangerous levels in no time.


Arrange a Car Service for Winter


Many of these tasks are simple to do yourself. But for a thorough checkup you can rely on, contact us to arrange a car service in Calgary to ensure both you and your vehicle see spring arrive in safety.

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