Budget Well for a Spontaneous Road Trip

Budget Well for a Spontaneous Road Trip

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view from trunk At Eastside Kia, we love to see people from our community go on road trips to see family or have fun going across the country. Going on a quick road trip can be stressful to budget, but it is doable.

Packing light to save on gas is a great way to stick to your gas budget. You can also take a cooler with food and pack kitchenware to save money on stopping for food items. Bring drinks, so you don't have to buy them at convenience stores. If you are going a long distance and don't want to keep stopping for ice, pack items that don't need to be kept cold.

Use coupons and find cheap places to stay during your road trip. Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and save money on hotel expenses. A good roadside assistance plan and an emergency kit can also end up saving you a lot of money while you travel.



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