Android Auto - Technology When You Need It

Android Auto - Technology When You Need It

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android icon If you’ve ever wished you could take your phone with you when you travel and enjoy its many features, have we got good news for you! Android Auto, a popular in-vehicle technology that allows you to do just that, is available in most new vehicles. Come to Eastside Kia and get the scoop on Android Auto and all its great features.

With Android Auto, you can talk to Google Assistant for help in finding almost anything you want. You can also push a button on the display screen and do it yourself. You can also make phone calls, send text messages, download playlists, read eBooks, navigate your GPS, shop online, retrieve voice mails or play games. It’s technology when you need it!

Why not pay our dealership a visit and check out the many things we have to offer. Select a vehicle and take it out for a test drive.



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