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7 Key Reasons You Should Choose the 2023 Kia Niro EV in Calgary

7 Key Reasons You Should Choose the 2023 Kia Niro EV in Calgary

The 2023 Kia Niro EV is a masterpiece of sustainable driving technology. Packed with features for comfort, safety, and connectivity, the SUV isn’t lacking in any area when compared to a traditional mechanical vehicle.


However, being an EV, this model offers a significant amount of performance combined with fuel efficiency that can save you money and help the environment. Here are seven reasons to choose the Kia Niro EV 2023 model as your next car.


1 - Great EV Fuel Efficiency


The SUV has a lighter fuel requirement, needing only 2.3 Le/100 km on the highway and 1.9 Le/100 km when in the city. This efficiency is thanks to the 201 hp Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and 180.9 Ah battery.


2 - Three Trims to Choose From

When picking your EV, there are three trims to choose from, each offering more features and extra comfort. Higher trims come standard with various utilities, including a heat pump which is an add-on on the base model.


3 - Large Driving Range


Electric vehicles all have a range they can drive before running out of charge. The total estimated range for the 2023 Kia Niro EV is 407 Km. The range is large enough to easily get you around town or even embark on a lengthy trip before needing to recharge your car.


4 - Lighter Eco Footprint

Requiring less fuel per kilometre, driving the 2023 Kia Niro EV in Calgary is better for the environment than a regular SUV that runs solely on petrol. While it does require electricity, the battery can charge to full within 43 minutes when charged at 350 kW and can slow charge on 7kW for nine hours and five minutes.


5 - Innovation Takes the Wheel

The 2023 Kia Niro EV model is equipped with several technologies that help innovate your driving experience. These include the 10.25-inch multimedia interface integrated with a navigation system. The SUV also features Kia Connect services which aid connectivity and utility.


6 - Suitable for Cold Climates


A heat pump is an available add-on which comes standard on higher trims. This helpful technology extends the estimated range during winter when the cold generally limits battery efficiency.


7 - Wide Range of Safety Features

The Kia model comes packed with several safety features, including Lane-Keep and Follow-Assist. Other options, such as Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, are also standard.


Get Your Kia Niro EV Today


Visit your local Eastside Kia dealership, one of the top Kia dealerships in Calgary, to get all the 2023 Kia Niro EV details. Book a test drive to experience the vehicle’s handling and features yourself, or contact them for information on available finance and leasing plans.


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