10 Ways To Improve Gas Mileage

10 Ways To Improve Gas Mileage

Wow…gas prices in Calgary just hit $119.9. As usual, prices start to peak during high demand seasons like summer holidays. Kia Canada has a terrific line up of fuel efficient vehicles that will bring consumer savings. To go along with Kia’s line up of fuel efficient vehicles, here are some additional fuel saving tips.

  1. Accelerate gently. Almost 50% of fuel consumption takes place during acceleration.
  2. Avoid high speeds: The higher your speed, the more wind resistance your vehicle creates.
  3. Maintain a steady speed: Less braking and accelerating increases fuel efficiency.
  4. Avoid excessive vehicle idling.
  5. Follow vehicle maintenance and keep your vehicle tuned up.
  6. Keep your tires properly inflated: We recommend switching to Nitrogen.
  7. Shed dead weight: Unload unnecessary items from your trunk and storage compartments.
  8. Remove roof racks when not in use to increase aerodynamics.
  9. Consolidate your trips: Maximum fuel efficiency takes place when your engine is fully warmed. Plan to combine your errands into single trips.
  10. Use your Kia “Active Eco” setting when equipped.

Kelly Temple
Dealer Principal

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