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2023 Kia Carnival Trims Levels Explained

Minivans remain strong contenders for budget-conscious large families. They offer a solid alternative to buyers that aren’t entirely sold on SUVs with a host of features. The 2023 Kia Carnival has everything you need and more, including luxury, efficiency, reliability, and safety features. If space is what you’re after, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2023 Carnival has been rated top in its class for cargo and passenger space.

The 2023 Carnival is available in five trims: the LX, the LX+, the EX, the EX+, and the SX. Pricing ranges from $35,795 to $49,595. If you’re in the market for a family minivan within your budget, you should continue reading our review as we delve deeper into each trim.

LX ($35,795) and LX+ ($39,295)

All 2023 trims have a wide selection of standard features. These include a six-speaker audio system, USB ports fitted in all rows, wireless Android and iOS compatibility, and a 20.32cm infotainment touchscreen.

Your Kia minivan will have a front-wheel drive V6 3.5L engine, which will give you an estimated 9.4km/L combined, 8km/L in the city, and 11km/L on the highway. Regarding power, your vehicle can produce a maximum output of 252 pound-feet of torque and 290 horsepower.

Every 2023 Kia Carnival has a tremendously comfortable and luxurious interior for all occupants. The signature VIP lounge seats can be reclined, and front to rear air conditioning will keep your passengers cool on any road trip. If space is what you’re after, you can look forward to 1,138L of storage space behind the third row. Completely folding the third row down will massively increase your storage space by 2,970L.

Besides massive cargo and passenger space, the Carnival excels at standard safety features. Each trim has eight advanced driver aids, including a pedestrian warning system, a driver alert system, a blind-spot monitoring system, and a safe exit assist system.

EX ($43,295) and EX+ ($46,595)

The EX models have additional upgrades to lower trims, including an upgraded cabin, automatic tri-zone climate control, a hands-free liftgate, and sunshades in all rear rows. You also get additional tech, including an eight-speaker audio system, satellite radio, and a 31.24cm infotainment touchscreen with a navigation system. Your EX Carnival will also have adaptive cruise control, parking sensors in the front, a lane-keeping assist system, and a cyclist or pedestrian detection system.

SX ($49,595)

The SX trim is the top-of-the-range model and would appeal to all drivers who prefer an enhanced sporty look with more upscale qualities. You’ll get 48.26cm black alloy wheels, a racy chrome-matte design on the grille, and roof rails. Your passengers will also love the dual-screen entertainment system in the rear.

Parking like a pro will also be easy with the surround-view camera. The vehicle will be fitted with a rear automatic brake system that’ll engage the brakes if it senses an imminent impact with any object in the rear.