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2022 Kia Soul EV

Kia continues riding the technological wave with a modern electric vehicle — the 2022 Kia Soul EV. The sophisticated design of the car embeds additional safety measures, which ensures a safe journey with no emissions.

However, looks don’t come at the expense of performance. This EV is equipped with a fine motor voltage and a long-lasting battery. Let’s take a look at the review of this vehicle.


At first glance, the boxy design of the vehicle is very catchy, and it might look like a vehicle from the future. Well, the headlights and foglights follow the same revolutionary design.

The length is 162.5 inches, with the power plug placed on the car’s front bumper, which saves space from the sides, and gives it a neat look.

The sunroof, located in the ceiling of the car, allows drivers and passengers to enjoy the sunlight, with an extra layer of sunshade.


The 2022 Kia Soul EV can accommodate up to four people. While the front-seat people enjoy the heated seats, the driver’s hands stay warm with the heated steering wheel. This keeps the hands from freezing and hurting when driving if the car/steering wheel isn’t fully warmed up yet.

The 10.25" capacitive touchscreen gives you ultimate control over every function in the car, as well as navigation. The multimedia screen also includes Bluetooth hands-free mobile connectivity, and it can be integrated with Android Auto™ smartphone integration and Apple CarPlay®.

Besides pairing your phone with this automobile, you can charge your phone using the wireless phone charger and the USB charging port.

You will find this Kia electric vehicle very friendly for packing and moving, with a large cargo space in which you can pack things with whatever you need for your next trip.


Smart technology runs in the car inside and out, facilitating better control and safety while driving. The rear traffic alert system will notify you of any danger coming from behind. Whether backing up from a parking spot or hitting reverse, this system may also use brakes to prevent accidents.

The 2022 Kia Soul EV has an intelligent lane-keeping assistant that will adjust your steering to ensure you drive straight within your lane. The system will sense if your car is drifting out of your driving lane.

In addition, there is a radar system that sees objects ahead of you. The system will alarm you and apply brakes to avoid collision with an approaching body to the car.


The 2022 Kia Soul EV has two trims, an EV Premium and EV Limited. The starting price for the premium vehicle is $42,995, which comes with every feature that we listed above and does not come up short in any aspect.

On the other hand, the limited edition starts at $51,995. The limited model has additional perks, such as Harman Kardon®'s sound system and rear seat-heating.


There is nothing to regret if you buy this car. This automobile combines the best of two worlds, innovative technology and unmatched performance. Get the car charged and enjoy a safe journey, up to 383 kilometres, with all your family members.

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