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2022 Kia NIRO EV

This EV by Kia ensures a durable and robust existence on the road. The work that the manufacturing team has done here is brilliant, and they’ve put everything in their bag into this automobile.

Besides the neat look of the 2022 Kia NIRO EV, the battery gets ready in less than one hour for a total of 385 km ride, and it charges itself while on the go. Let’s dive deep into more specs of the car in this guide.


This EV has a unique curvy design with a 172.2-inch car length that makes it easy to control, besides automatic headlights and fog lights to help you in challenging driving conditions.

The heated side-view mirrors are automatically foldable, and the roof rails help you pack for longer trips to have space for your cargo.

The car’s closed front grille gives you a mixed feeling of a futuristic and classic automobile. The charging socket is placed on the front grille in a flawless design.


This vehicle takes up to five passengers on a mix of leather and cloth seat material. The infotainment system has an 8-inch display with GPS navigation, and you can control the car’s sound system.

Additionally, you can pair your phone to control the sound system; the buttons on the steering wheel can also control the car audio.

The spacious interior includes almost one-meter legroom for the front and the rear seats, making this compact vehicle cozy for everybody on board.


This car is a full-house of technology, starting from the automatic climate control and automatic defog system, facilitating the harshest weather conditions for you.

The low temperature is a common issue for battery-powered cars in Canada, but not with the 2022 Kia NIRO EV. The heat pump system warms the car cabin and battery to ensure the battery is efficiently running without compromise.

Thanks to the Regenerative Braking System, this EV car charges itself while you drive. This system allocates power generated every time you brake and diverts it to charge the battery.

Additionally, the Kia Connect app enables some functions at your hand. You can lock and unlock the car, check the battery status, and adjust the lights with one click.

The lane follow technology is a recent innovation that keeps you appropriately in the lane, and it adjusts the steering if you mistakenly drift away. Moreover, there are sensors around the car to reveal blind spots during reversing or detect any approaching danger.


There are three versions of the 2022 Kia NIRO EV: EX, EX+, and SX Tourin. The advanced models add heating for the seats, ambient mood lighting, and driver’s chair memory. The starting price of the EX trim is $44,995.


You’ll not regret owning this car because it has everything you need in an automobile. This model from Kia incorporates high performance with advanced technology. The fast-charging process consists of three levels and makes you go for 385 km in one shot.

Finally, the interior is spacious and makes room for up to five passengers on board. The battery technology allows it to charge itself on the go.

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