Back to School Auto Servicing

At Eastside Kia, we believe that it is important for everybody to understand how to properly care for their vehicle. Toward this end, we hope to provide information that will prove useful for maintaining and servicing your car.

The back to school season is a great time to consider servicing your vehicle. Once school starts, you'll surely find yourself even more busy, and having to run around town to deal with all sorts of errands. Before this busy season starts, make sure to properly care for your car by keeping up with basic vehicle maintenance like oil changes and…

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Four Misconceptions about Korean Cars

Korean automakers have come a long way since their beginnings in the 1980s. A strong commitment to quality and value has transformed Korean made vehicles into worthy competitors for their Japanese, American, and European counterparts. Well-made, sharp looking and tech-laden cars, trucks, and SUVs now replace the troublesome Korean imports of years gone by. However, even though Korean brands now land at or near the top of every major survey when it comes to initial quality, consumer perception in the automotive world often lags reality by as much as a decade or more.

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Kids Will Be Thoroughly Entertained With Games On Road Trips

Getting out on the road is fun for families. It provides an opportunity for everyone to temporarily change their circumstances. However, traveling with small children on a road trip presents a different kind of challenge. Kids have a hard time focusing and remaining still.

Children are on their own schedule as far as bathroom breaks and kneading food. Kids also need to be mentally occupied so that they do not become a huge distraction to others traveling in the automobile.

Road trip games provide the outlet that kids need in order to pass the time while riding in the back…
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Finding a Good Mechanic

The friendly and professional experts at Eastside Kia in Calgary want our customers to leave our dealership feeling confident about the future performance of their new vehicle. As such, our associates understand the value of finding a trusted car mechanic for all of your servicing needs. The first step in locating a good mechanic is to have a basic grasp of how your car works so that you can effectively engage in a conversation about the workings of your car so that you are prepared to discuss any repairs. It is also important to do your research. Researching about not…
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How to Get the Best for Your Vehicle: Car Covers

What's worse, tree sap on your paint job or faded interior from the sun? When you have a car cover, you don't have to decide because covers can protect your vehicle from both. At [Dealership] in [City], we want you to be an educated car owner, so we've put together a few reasons that you should be using a cover.

Beyond keeping your paint in the best shape possible and protecting the interior and exterior from fading from the sun, a car cover can also deter theft because it's more difficult for a thief to access…

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Suspension Service

The suspension system on our vehicle is something that many people don't understand very much. Essentially, this is a system that encompasses things like your struts or shocks and when you go over a bump in the road, this system will absorb it. Otherwise, your entire vehicle will jump up and down and shake every time you went over a bumpy section of road. If there is a problem going on with your suspension you will notice some problems that need to be addressed such as:
  • You will experience the feeling of nose diving when you brake your vehicle…
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Why Summer Tires are Better Than All-Season Tires

Many drivers believe they need to replace summer tires with all-season tires as soon as the seasons change. This may or may not be true because in many situations and driving conditions, summer tires actually perform better than all-season tires. When you purchase new tires, we at Eastside Kia want you to make the purchase based on fact and because it’s what you need. Our trained staff can steer you in the right direction.

Summer tires provide excellent traction whether the road is dry, wet, hot or even when driving in heavy rain.

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Newly redesigned 2019 Sedona Makes Debut

Inside and out, the revamped Kia Sedona reveals why they know what minivan buyers want most

Taking on the ever-popular Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, and Honda Odyssey, the 2019 Kia Sedona is newly redesigned and bringing straight-up competition to the minivan vehicle game. While crossover vehicles have taken a chunk out of the market, many drivers still desire, and demand, the tried and true functionality only a minivan can provide.  

Kia debuted their 2019 minivan…

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How do I test my battery if I do not have a voltmeter?

Testing a car’s battery with any kind of accuracy requires a voltmeter. However, if you do not have a voltmeter, you can do a visual test with the help of an assistant. The visual test is best performed in twilight to be as accurate as possible.

To observe the battery’s effectiveness, turn on your headlights with the car off. Check the level of illumination. Have your assistant start the car. Observe the level of headlight illumination again. If the level of light is the...

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Getting Your Tires Rotated Regularly Will Help Them To Last Longer

Having a good set of tires is crucial to the safety and performance of your vehicle. They are one of the true workhorse systems on your vehicle, and you need them to be in good working order. And since they do have that workhorse status, you are going to notice them having some of the worst wear and tear. With the prices of tires being what they are, it would only make sense that you would want to get as much out of them as you can before having to replace them.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do…

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