Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Kia

Every year, the engineers at Kia try to develop new and innovative ways to make their vehicles stand out above the rest. They offer a wide variety of convenient, safety and technical features that make them great vehicles for everyone.

For people that are looking for a new vehicle, but not sure if Kia would be right for them, we have compiled a list of the top ten reasons why Kias make such great vehicles.

1.) They Are Dependable

Kia has always strived to make the very best vehicle every year. With superior engineering and high-quality parts, Kia vehicles are are some of the dependable vehicles on the market today. They have ranked high on reliability by several different automobile quality raters. In 2016, Kia was ranked the number one reliable brand by J.D Power.

2.) Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

Many Kia Vehicles are extremely fuel efficient. The Niro is just one of the many vehicles that Kia has that won't break the bank at the pumps. The sporty crossover averages at around 4.6l/100km in the city and 5.1l/100km on the highway. Some Kia vehicles, including the Niro, are equipped with a coasting guide that allows the vehicle to consume less fuel.

3.) Stunning Exterior

No matter what Kia vehicle customers choose to buy, they can be sure that it will turn a few heads while driving down the road. From sports cars to Kia SUVs, every vehicle has a stunningly sleek and bold exterior.

4.) State-of-the-Art Technology

With every new generation and new model, Kia vehicles are becoming smarter and offering more convenient features. With innovative features such as heads-up displays, touchscreen infotainment displays, navigation systems, and noise control technology, our vehicles strive to stay up to date with the latest technological innovations.

5.) Safety Comes First

In addition to keeping up with the latest technology, Kia is also making sure to equip their vehicles with some of the most top-notch safety features that are available on the market. Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS), Blind Spot Detection (SBSD), Assist Emergency Braking (AEB), and Around View Monitoring System are just a few of the features that Kia vehicles have to offer in order to ensure that their drivers stay safe.

6.) Luxurious Interiors

With Kia, no matter what model customers choose to buy, they will always feel like they are sitting in a luxury car. The Cadenza, for instance, comes standard with leather upholstery, an 8-inch touchscreen display, and heated power front seats. Several models come standard with a ride range of exceptional amenities that make the driver feel like they are living the life of luxury.

7.)  A Wide Variety to Choose From

Whether ur customers are looking for a luxurious minivan for your family or you are wanting a something a little sportier and fast,we have a vehicle that is capable of fitting everyone's needs and specific preferences.

8.)  Giving Drivers an Added Peace of Mind

With Services like Roadside Assistance and extended warranties, our customers always have that added sense of security with them everywhere they go.

9.) Outstanding Customer Service

At Eastside Kia in Calgary, we have a wonderful team of employees that are always happy to help our customers with any questions, concerns, or problems that they may have.

10.) Budget Friendly

With all of the special features and stunning details that Kia vehicles have, it may be hard to believe that Kias are some of the most affordable vehicles on the market. We believe that Luxury and safety should be something that is within everyone's reach.

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