How to Figure Out the Right Tire Size for Your Car or Truck

Almost all of the information that you will ever need about your vehicle’s tires can actually be found on their sidewalls. There should be an alphanumeric code on each sidewall, and those digits tell you exactly what type of tires you are going to need next time you stop by the service department at Eastside Kia.

Your tires most likely have two or three letters on their sidewalls, and those letters almost always indicate class, speed rating, and construction type. As for the numbers, you should focus on the first two sets. Those first two sets are generally separated by a backslash, and they represent the tire’s height and width.

With the right tires, your car is going to drive smoothly and be much easier to handle. Please stop by our Calgary service department today to learn more about all of the high-end tires that we carry.



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