Keeping Your Gas Tank Full in Winter Months Helps to Keep You Off the Side of the Road

The idea of running out of gas on a lonely thoroughfare is enough to make some people fill up the gas tank immediately. Still, there are those adventurous souls willing to drive on fumes to try to save a buck.

Eastside Kia is ready to help you keep your vehicle in prime condition with proper fluid changes and complete maintenance checks. Keeping your gas tank full in winter months is one thing that prevents fuel injection problems. A gas tank with water inside is not likely to operate efficiently, if at all.

The condensation inside a barely-filled gas tank can affect the way your engine behaves. In winter, ice caused by water can cause fuel distribution problems landing your vehicle in the service bay for repairs. Breaking down out on the road with car trouble in Calgary in the cold, because of something as simple as refusing to fill your gas tank is not worth the stress.
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