How do I test my battery if I do not have a voltmeter?

Testing a car’s battery with any kind of accuracy requires a voltmeter. However, if you do not have a voltmeter, you can do a visual test with the help of an assistant. The visual test is best performed in twilight to be as accurate as possible.

To observe the battery’s effectiveness, turn on your headlights with the car off. Check the level of illumination. Have your assistant start the car. Observe the level of headlight illumination again. If the level of light is the same, your battery is likely to be okay. Have the assistant rev the engine, if your headlights brighten, then your alternator is supplying more voltage than your battery, and the battery is losing its ability to maintain a charge.

If you notice changes in your headlight brightness, bring your vehicle to Eastside Kia in Calgary, AB for a battery test.

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