Are Aftermarket and Genuine Kia Parts That Different? The Answer is Yes!

When the time comes for maintenance and repairs, many Kia owners in Calgary love to do the work themselves. We don't blame you! But we do want to help you have the best repair possible, and it all comes down to the parts you use. Are aftermarket parts and genuine Kia parts that different? The answer is yes!

How different are they? Consider these three factors:

  • Quality: The quality of aftermarket parts can vary tremendously because they're not always made with vehicle specialization in mind. Genuine Kia parts, however, are built specifically to work with your Kia model, and are as high quality as your vehicle.
  • Longevity: This one's simple, because higher quality parts last longer! Genuine Kia parts will keep you on the road longer.
  • Savings: Because genuine Kia parts last longer, you won't need to do as many repairs in the future. And that means less money spent on repairs in the long run.

Prepare for your next at home repair by ordering genuine Kia parts online from the Eastside Kia Parts Center. We'll help you find the exact right part, and get it into your hands as soon as possible. Remember to check out our current selection of Parts Specials for extra savings!

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